Link Partnership

Aloha Webmasters,

If you have a Hawaii-related website or other travel / vacation website with a PR, we may be interested in a link exchange only if an equal benefit from the link exchange results.

We Accept Other Vacation / Leisure Content Websites…

  • We will consider other types of travel / vacation activity websites in the following categories: scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, hiking, boating, vacation rentals, vacation services, spas, and other leisure / vacation-related spots.
  • Your links page must not be hidden;   it should be accessible directly from the index page of your website.
  • We do not accept 3 way linking.
  • No link farms please.
  • Your website must have a PR.

To start a link exchange with us

1) upload our information to your website

2) then send us an email with the information about your website:  Title / URL / Description.

Our Title, URL and Description…

Title: Hawaii Calendars
Description: Hawaii calendars capturing the natural beauty of Hawaii

Mahalo and Aloha,